Key Benefits

  • The system will monitor all service sales transaction and will segregate them into Work in Process or Finished Jobs.
  • The system is password protected with 4 levels of security. Each user is assigned a security level by the manager. Menus, menu selection, functions and modules can be assigned security level by the manager. Menus, display screen and feature can be modified to suit each individual user.
  • Vehicle service transactions are archived into various media through the use of what is called a WINSERVE disk (which can either be a zip disk. standard re-writable CD, mini 4-inch re-writable CD or plain 1.44 floppy disk) which is given to the customer so that he carries his vehicle service records with him wherever he goes. He can thus have his services performed at any WINSERVE enabled outlet.
  • The system monitors all parts used and services rendered on vehicles using a job order format with status and completion reporting.
  • Customers and vehicle management.
  • Monitor service back-job and their solutions.
  • Flexible labor parts entries which includes outside sub-contracted services and outside non-stocked inventory parts purchases.
  • Accepts multiple method of payment.
  • Monitors vehicle servicing and repair history.
  • Customer Reminder Feature for preventive maintenance and proactive service sales offering.
  • Multi-level parts and service classifications.
  • Supervisor job order completion monitoring.
  • Cashier sales reconcilation.
  • Multi-vendor product listings with barcode capabilities.

System Requirements

  • Hardware
    • Pentium IV - 1Ghz or equivalent
    • Minimum of 256 MB of memory
    • 40 GB or higher capacity hard drives
    • Cash Drawer : Possiflex (RJ 11)
    • Printer : HP Desk jet (USB)
    • Thermal Printer (LPT1) : Epson TM-T88IIP
    • AVR : Automatic Voltage Regulator 600watts
    • UPS : Uninterruptible Power Supply 525va
  • Software
    • Operating System : MS Windows XP/2000 Professional