Venus Pump Controller POS together can be integrated to our WINTAS Retail back office system to provide the complete solutions package. VENUS Pump Controller POS will provide industry standard specific functions such as:

  • Wet stock control and maintenance - pumps, tanks, deliveries, sales history.
  • Management control – reporting, shift analysis, forecourt cash control.
  • Cash control - in conjunction with the Venus and Bas ePOS application and attendant logging.
  • Configuration management – allowing the system to be set-up for numerous site operational parameters.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple POS client connections (up to 8 multiple POS terminals).
  • Supports prepay and post pay fuel transactions
  • Can have multiple One key PLU buttons for multiple product classifications
  • Configurable parameters for cashier control and accessibility
  • Multiple sale window to prevent customer queuing
  • Electronic journal recording and accumulated sales printing
  • Shift, Day, Monthly report generation
  • Test delivery and drive off functionality
  • Can identify A/R clients by verifying Vehicle ID and Customer ID after an A/R transaction
  • Multiple receipt printing capabilities
  • Connection capabilities to Verifone card terminals
  • Event logging capabilities via text file
  • Generates export text file

Internation Language Support

Supports primarily the English language, it can however translate its internal processes into any language with the addition of language packs (optional and purchased separately), to suit the users dialect and working conditions.

local_gas_station Support the following Dispensing Pumps and devices:

  • AG Walker
  • Ariel
  • ANGI
  • Aspro
  • Batchen
  • Autotank
  • Bennett
  • Censtar
  • Daruma
  • Dresser Wayne DART
  • Dresser Wayne US
  • Dresser Wayne UK
  • Email Australia (includes many Batchen gas pumps)
  • FTI
  • Gilbarco Australia (includes some Intermech gas pumps)
  • Gilbarco Euroline
  • Gilbarco US
  • HengShan
  • IFSF Dispenser, Price Sign and Tank Gauge
  • Kienzle
  • Larsen & Toubro (single hose)
  • Midco
  • Nuovo Pignone (RS485 and 4 wire current loop)
  • NZ Protocol (PEC, Fuelquip, Compac, Intermech, Batchen)
  • Sanki
  • Schlumberger M3000
  • Schlumberger SAM
  • Schlumberger EPS
  • Scheidt & Bachmann T10
  • Sofitam 82D
  • Tatsuno MPD, SS-LAN, Post Mix
  • Tatsuno Partyline
  • Tokheim International
  • Veeder Root tank gauge

Site Configuration

Venus Pump Controller POS can be installed on any fuel retail site configuration:

  • Single POS configuration – these sites have only two to four physical pumps with a requirement for a single POS system
  • Multi POS configuration – these sites usually will have six to eight physical pumps and will require a multiple pay points

System Requirements

  • Hardware
    • Processor : Pentium IV - 1Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory : 128 MB RAM or higher
    • Video : AGP 4MB Video Card
    • Monitor : Super VGA Colored or LCD
    • Touch screen: External type or built-in with the monitor
    • Network : 10-100 Mbps Network Card
    • Modem : 56-K Internal modem
    • Backup : CDR-W, DVDR-W
    • Printer : Epson TM 88IIP Thermal Printer
    • AVR : Auto Volt Regulator 500watts
    • UPS : Uninterruptible Power Supply 525va
    • Pump Interface Device : Enabler Card Version 2.54
    • Pump Controller Device : Depends on the existing fuel dispensing pump of the site
  • Software
    • Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP Professional for clients
    • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Standard Server for the server
    • MSDE 2000 for small/medium retail sites
    • Microsoft SQL 2000 Server for large sites
    • Active X enabled controls
    • Open published data mode
    • Enabler device driver – the link between Win NT/2000/XP and the Enabler PCB
    • Pump drivers – specific modules for each pump type